Eytan Levin, the resort owner, was born and grew up on the Eastern Cape, city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. At the age of 18 he left home and traveled extensively throughout Europe and came to San Diego. He started what became a hugely successful baby Furniture business and sold in 1998 and moved to Malibu. It was here that he started remodeling homes and applying his own design aesthetic to the interiors.

Since 2002 he has been a realtor in Malibu’s luxury real estate market as well as operating the 2 acre ocean view hillside property which became home to Malibu Market & Design – the ultimate lifestyle destination centre that has redefined Malibu Style. His years spent in South Africa and travel experiences in Europe all contributed to his keenly developed sense of style.

Through his extensive travel in Fiji, Eytan fell in love with the white sand beach on Taveuni Island that would ultimately become Tides Reach Resort. This boutique property is the gem of the island for visitors from around the world. This is paradise that creates lasting memories.