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The surf in Fiji is world class, and guests at Tides Reach Resort will have the opportunity to use SUP or standard surf boards at a number of breaks in the area.  Beginners, children can stand up paddle in front of the resort, where there are very small and gentle waves to learn on.  Advanced surfers will take a boat around to an outer reef break, about 20 minutes away.  The surf here is a long, hollow right hand reef break, as well as a left on the other side of the channel (left breaks more rarely).  The right has been surfed by many professional surfers and can be a 200 yard hollow wave when the conditions are right.  Boats will leave directly from Tides Reach with packed lunch and drinks for a day or half day of surfing. Stand up paddle boards are available, as well as some standard short boards, but experienced surfers who have their eye on the forecast are encouraged to bring their own boards.  Please see Fiji Airways website for surfboard information for international and domestic policies and rates.