Hiking & Nature

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Taveuni is mainly national park, with huge portions of pristine waterfalls, hikes, coastal walks and more. Day trips to the Bouma waterfalls, or the Lavena Coastal Walk are fun for children as well as adults looking for adventure. There are also natural waterslides on the West Coast tour.

For the more adventurous, a hike into the old volcanic crater at the peak of the island will be an all day event, and a chance to see the rare Tagimoucia flower, blooming here during the winter months, the only place on Earth where it blooms. The high rainfall, cooler temperatures and the fertile soil, provides a large biodiversity of tropical plant species within the lowland and montane rainforest.

The largely unexplored forests and mountains contain several known species of palms, ferns, orchids and other plants not found elsewhere on earth. The most famous of which is the rare Tagimoucia flower. Found on the shores of Lake Tagimoucia (in Bouma NP) from September through to December. Known in Fijian, as the “Flower of Love”, it has a traditional Fijian legend attached to it. These beautiful flowers come in two varieties of red and white flowers and grow nowhere else in the world. In the past botanists have tried to propagate it in other parts of the world but to no avail.