Diving & Snorkeling

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The diving and snorkeling in the Somosomo strait just off of Tides Reach, is constantly reviewed as a top dive destination on Earth.  All equipment is provided, and all levels from beginner wishing to received certification, to advanced divers can be accommodated.  Boats will leave directly from the sand outside of Tides Reach to our guides’ favorite dive spots – usually all within a few miles of the resort.

Snorkeling just off the resort is very good, and daily snorkeling trips are provided to the guests to get out past the shallow reef. All types and sizes of fins, masks and snorkels are available on-site.

Tides Reach is a PADI Certified Dive Resort, offering all equipment, boats, and certification.  If you are new to diving and would like to get Certified, we reccomend doing eLearning before your stay, which will expedite your diving experience with us.  For more info, please visit our eLearning page on Padi.com




Diving and Snorkeling in the Somosomo Strait

The Somosomo Strait lies peacefully between the garden island of Taveuni and Vanua Levu. The strait is a sparkling blue haven crowned with incredible soft corals, hundreds of enchanting species of marine life, and bordered by islands of flowing waterfalls and flourishing rainforests. This magical location hands Fiji the title of “Soft Coral Capital of the World.” This stunning stretch of warm water seems like a dream, but it’s a dream come true, one that can and should be experienced.

Imagine swimming through a colorful painting, the world around you coming alive with wonder. This is the majestic world you will encounter when you go diving or snorkeling in the Somosomo Strait. From mountains of soft coral, also known as Dendronepythya, to a vast array of mollusks, and a spread of the most beautiful, interesting under-sealife that you can think of, the Somosomo Strait offers an experience like no other.

The Pristine water off of Tides Reach, located on the Somosomo Straits

In the Somosomo Strait, one can explore the depths and enjoy the most amazing soft coral in all of Fiji, maybe even in the entire world. At the Great White Wall, an expanse of long drop-offs filled with what appear to be snow-white covered soft coral trees that expand to very deep water. While the coral trees, sponges, and crinoids near the top look white, as one approaches them, the white gives way to a multitude of color. The deeper one dives, the white corals appear strikingly, looking like a winter forest under the sea.

The Rainbow Reef gives one a sense of delight. An artist’s pallet of multi-colors graces this stretch of the strait, which holds famous dive sites such as The Zoo, literally an underwater zoo of some of the larger species the strait holds, and the Purple Wall. Living amongst the reef are little sparkles known as Christmas tree worms, as well as larger, intense sea-life like barracudas and whitetip reef sharks.

Another dive site in the strait, Annie’s Bommies, is an extension of the Rainbow Reef. The reef is submerged with an abundance of large bommies that contain soft-coral gardens. These gardens are filled with amazing colors.

Other areas to explore include The Edge, with many types of soft, hard, and leather corals, Stillwater, which is covered with large sea fans, and Pot Luck, an incredible snorkel location filled with an abundance of schools of fish, from Barracuda to Parrot Fish, Trevally to Sweetlips. The places to dive and snorkel in the strait are numerous and exciting.

In the various dive sites along the Somosomo Strait, there live many other types of marine life such as garden eels, Spanish mackerel, dog-tooth tuna, angelfish, and blue-spotted coral trout. There are over 1200 species of fish thriving in the strait, as well as manta rays, humpback whales, Spinner dolphins, and nearly 500 types of mollusk.

The strait is teeming with life and color, an entire hidden world under the Fijian sea. The ability to dive and snorkel in this little bit of underwater heaven is a gift that has been recognized by people around the glove, making the Somosomo Strait recognition as one of the world’s top dive locations.

Drift dives are possible, taking divers on a long journey through forests of the most lovely, vivid, and incredible soft corals on Earth. The current also creates the ideal circumstances for the coral to appear in their full glory, vivid, shining, and colorful. The reef stretches for 20 miles and is covered with soft corals that span the whole spectrum of the rainbow, including various shades of pink, orange, blue, and brown. The waters of the strait are rich in nutrients that are consistently fed to the corals by the current, which is why the corals sing so strongly when the current is present.

When diving or snorkeling from Tides Reach, our staff will assure that one has all of the necessary equipment provided for them. All levels of expertise, from beginning to advanced, will be able to participate in a journey into the Somosomo Strait. Divers will not have to go far from Tides Reach, as the boats set off right from the beach outside of the resort, heading to the top dive spots. When the current is right, divers and snorkelers will be able to see the vivid colors lighting up the clear water as they peer over the edge of the boat.

No matter what type or size of a snorkel, fin, or mask one needs, Tides Reach will provide it.
A PADI Certified Dive Resort, Tides Reach provides the needed boats, equipment, and certification for the most rewarding and enjoyable diving and snorkeling adventures. Even beginning snorkelers will be given the opportunity to head out past the shallow reef, deeper into the magnificence of the Somosomo Strait.

They say there are some places you just need to see in your lifetime, some experiences you need to experience. The Somosomo Strait is one of those places, diving and/or snorkeling at the Somosomo Strait is one of those experiences. There are very few places that you can see such a vast array of colors shining brightly in an underwater display of enchantment while also getting up close and observing hundreds of species of marine life. There is no place like it. Experiencing the beauty, majesty, and glory of the Somosomo Strait is something you will never forget.