Diving & Snorkeling

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The diving and snorkeling in the Somosomo strait just off of Tides Reach, is constantly reviewed as a top dive destination on Earth.  All equipment is provided, and all levels from beginner wishing to received certification, to advanced divers can be accommodated.  Boats will leave directly from the sand outside of Tides Reach to our guides’ favorite dive spots – usually all within a few miles of the resort.

Snorkeling just off the resort is very good, and daily snorkeling trips are provided to the guests to get out past the shallow reef. All types and sizes of fins, masks and snorkels are available on-site.

Tides Reach is a PADI Certified Dive Resort, offering all equipment, boats, and certification.  If you are new to diving and would like to get Certified, we reccomend doing eLearning before your stay, which will expedite your diving experience with us.  For more info, please visit our eLearning page on Padi.com